How to get to Ubin

Step 1: Go to Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Changi Point Ferry Terminal is at Changi Village on Google maps
Address: 51 Lorong Bekukong S(499172)
Buses: 2, 9, 19, 29, 89, 109

Step 2: Take a bumboat to Pulau Ubin Cost of the bumboat: $2.50/person. Maximum 12 passengers. Additional $2 per bicycle. More details here.

Step 3: Join the fun at Pulau Ubin!
Here's more about what you can do on Pulau Ubin any day.

Here's a slideshow of how to get to Pulau Ubin

Some travel tips 

  • Expect long queues for the bumboats on 13 Jun (Sat) after 8am at Changi to Ubin; and after noon at Ubin to Changi.
  • Parking may also be very limited at Changi after 8am. Carpool or take public transport.
  • Even on normal weekends, the queue for the bumboat can be quite long after 10am at Changi to Ubin and near sunset at Ubin to return to Changi.

Bumboats for night activities (Just for Ubin Day!) If you are taking part in one of the night activities, arrangements have been made for a bumboat (or two) to be available for your travel back to the mainland. They will charge $40 per boat ($3.30 per person for 12 persons) instead of $30 per boat. With only one or two bumboats, it may take a while to transport a large group back to the mainland. Thank you for your patience!

How to get around on Pulau Ubin?
You can walk, cycle or take the Ubin 'taxi'.

Here's a slideshow about getting around on Pulau Ubin.

What to see and do on Pulau Ubin? 
Here's a sampling of the wonderful things to see and do!