What's happening on Ubin?!

Ubin Day is on
13 June (Sat)  
and  14 June (Sun)

Here's a sample of the fun things to do on Pulau Ubin! 

Most are free of charge on Ubin Day!
Many do NOT require registration.
Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun!

Must try: Home-style crispy deep-fried sotong. Cool down with Ubin fresh coconut. Durian season appears to be just starting on Pulau Ubin! Ubin's organic durians are said to be the best in Singapore. MORE about Makan at Ubin.

Ubin Family Fun!
Ubin is fun for the whole family. Ubin Day has kids activities galore! Play Kampung Games and learn through play at the exhibitions. Join guided walks and more! your children will be spoilt for choice!

Kampung Living
Pulau Ubin is Singapore's last kampung (village). Enjoy laid-back Kampung Life in the slow lane. Learn more about Ubin's heritage through guided walks, cycles and Kampung Games. Get a glimpse into life of an Ubin fish farmer. Learn about adorable Kampung Dogs. Have fun at the Kampung Photo Booth!

Discover nature
From forests to seashores, mangroves to wild gardens. Nature lovers can join nature walks, go birdwatching and other nature activities. Including walks at Chek Jawa. Learn more about Ubin's wildlife through playful exhibitions.

A leisurely stroll is one of the best ways to enjoy all the sights and sounds! Join a guided walk with experienced enthusiasts who will share the special charms of Pulau Ubin. Or check out the downloadable DIY walking trail of Pulau Ubin (pdf)

Rent a bicycle or bring your own. To explore the the island on wheels! If you are new to the island, join a guided cycling tour to appreciate nature and Ubin's heritage.

Mountain Biking
Are you an adrenaline junkie? An adventure dare-devil? Learn how to do this safely with a basic mountain biking clinic!

Water Sports
Ubin Day is a great chance to enjoy water sports of all kinds. Join a kayaking tour to explore another side of Ubin, its shores and streams. Take up a rare opportunity to kayak in a quarry! Or learn about more about environmentally-friendly fishing.

De-stress away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights. Enjoy stargazing under the precious dark skies of Ubin. Or get cosy around a campfire. More about Ubin camping.

Inspired by Ubin
Artists and photography enthusiasts find great inspiration at Ubin! Join a photography tour, try your hand at woodcut printing.

Green Energy at Ubin
Pulau Ubin is a test-bed for cutting edge green energy. Find out more about how Ubin Town (and Ubin Day activities) are powered by green energy on Ubin Day!

Volunteer for Ubin
On Ubin Day, help out in the several efforts to clean up the shores and the forests of Pulau Ubin. Also, an opportunity to help reforest Ubin with tree-planting. You are also most welcomed to volunteer as a FUN Ambassador at Ubin Day. More ways to volunteer for Pulau Ubin throughout the year.

Specially on Ubin Day, there will also be talks by people passionate about Ubin. Come learn and find out how you too can be a part of their efforts for Pulau Ubin.

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Thank-you meals by MOS Desmond Lee for Ubin Day volunteers

In appreciation for making Ubin Day happen, MOS Desmond Lee hosted all Ubin Day volunteers to lunch and dinner.
This Kampung-style event was organised by Phillip Lim and the Eastern fish farmers of Pulau Ubin. They and their volunteers harvested farm produce, and cooked traditional meals from family recipes.
Photos by Lily Chua on facebook.
We feasted at a long table ('tok panjang') kampung-style. Just as in the old days, when the kampung folk get together to help build a house or harvest crops, the grandmothers and mothers get together to cook a meal for everyone! Thanks to the Eastern fish farmers for volunteering their time and effort and fresh produce from their farms for this event.
Photo by Ria Tan on facebook.
A special treat: Make your own ice-ball!
Photo by Min Lin Lee on facebook.
Thanks to the Eastern fish farmers for creating a warm kampung atmosphere for the volunteers who worked hard for Ubin Day!
Photo by Johnson Ong on facebook.
Photo by Ria Tan on facebook.
The Ubin Way on Ubin Day! So we didn't have to use disposables, we brought our own utensils.
Photo by Ria Tan on facebook.
Thanks to MOS Desmond Lee and the Eastern fish farmers for this most memorable part of Ubin Day 2015 for the volunteers!
MOS Desmond Lee (left) with Joseph Wee (right) creator of
the special seaweed soup for the dinner.
Photo by Ria Tan on facebook.

Phillip Lim (in blue) organised the meals
and many other aspects of Ubin Day 2015.
Photo by Ria Tan on facebook.

Coastal Cleanup with Sea Shepherd: 13 Jun (Sat)

Get hands-on experience and help keep our shores clean. You will learn how trash is affecting marine life, as well as how Singapore manages its trash.
You will also have fun as we will be on the look out for interesting and weird finds amongst the trash!

This year, local artist, Wang Ruobing, will be giving the plastic trash collected a second life for his art installation next year, as well as raise awareness on our excessive use of plastic and its effects.
There is no age restriction but parents are to supervise their own children, especially younger ones. Anyone unwell or have medical conditions should consult their doctors first as clean-up can be physically strenuous. You are advised to drink up and hydrate as weather can be scorching. For safety, all participants have to wear covered shoes (diving booties are the best). No sandals, slippers or crocs.

Date: 13 Jun (Sat)
Time: 2.30pm to 4pm
Meeting point: Assembly Area opposite the HSBC Volunteer Hub (at the Sea Shepherd booth), map.
Website: http://www.seashepherd.asia/
No charge, the activity is free!
No registration required, simply come to Sea Shepherd booth at the Assembly Area.

What happened?
Here's a glimpse ...

One of the youngest volunteers giving a helping hand!

Removal of a barrel dumped not long ago as it was not there at the clean-up during Ubin Day 2014.

As Sea Shepherd Singapore clean the shores, Adventurepaddlers pick up trash floating on the water. A concerted effort.

More photos in the Sea Shepherd Singapore facebook group album

Explore Ubin Quarry with OBS and RP: 13 Jun (Sat)

Updated 25 May: "Thank you for your overwhelming response, we have closed the pre-registration for the activity. We do accept walk-ins but pending availability. Please print the consent form (see below) and bring it along to the quarry. Thank you and hope to see you." Outward Bound Singapore and Republic Polytechnic

The quarries are usually closed to the public. But on Ubin Day, instructors from Outward Bound Singapore and Republic Polytechnic are organising this opportunity for you get up close and personal with the Ubin Quarry. By kayak or raft!

This is a unique opportunity! Limited to 350 participants!

Age limit:
10 – 14 years old (accompanied by parents)
15 years and above with consent forms

Date: 13 Jun (Sat)
Time: 10am – 5pm. Each kayak/raft experience lasts 1 hour. You will be allocated a 1-hour time slot upon registration.
Meeting point: Ubin/Republic Polytechnic Quarry, map.
The meeting point is near the “Y u so like dat” drinks stall.

Cost: No charge, the activity is free!

Website: Republic Polytechnic http://www.rp.edu.sg/ and Outward Bound Singapore http://www.obs.nyc.gov.sg/

Limited to 350 participants!

Registration and consent forms are required:
 Thank you for your overwhelming response, we have closed the pre-registration for the activity. We do accept walk-ins but pending availability. Please print the consent form (see below) and bring it along to the quarry. Thank you and hope to see you.

Download and print the consent form from this link. One consent form for each person in your group. Bring along completed consent form and submit it for on-site registration at the quarry before activity commences. Participants under 21 years old will need to have their forms endorsed by their parents/guardians.

Important information to note to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone
  • Minimum attire: T-shirt, shorts. Minimum acceptable footwear are sports sandals. (No slippers/ barefoot). Please bring along sun protection and change of clothes.
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your confirmed time slot for on-site registration and safety briefing.
  • Please do not bring excessive valuables. You are responsible for your personal belongings.
What happened?
Here's a glimpse ...

Participants getting into their kayaks at the quarry

Quarry rafting!

MOS Desmond Lee dropped by the quarry to kayak too! 

A very refreshing quarry kayaking!

More photos of the event shared by Alex Tan on facebook.

Try watersports for free by Adventurepaddlers: 13 Jun (Sat) and 14 Jun (Sun)

Always wanted to try kayaking? Or a standup board? Here is a chance to do so for free!
Only on Ubin Day, Adventurepaddlers provides free trials for you to experience a safe and eco-friendly way of traveling into nature.

Date: 13 Jun (Sat) and 14 Jun (Sun)
Time: 2-4.30pm
Venue: Jelutong Campsite (West), map
Website: https://www.facebook.com/adventurepaddlers.watercross
No charge, the activity is free!
No pre-registration required. Just walk-in to Jelutong Campsite (West).

What happened?
Here's a glimpse ...

Practicing first before heading out!

And off they go! Free stand up paddling for the community

MOS Desmond Lee joins in the fun too! 

And he takes a quiet and scenic route through the mangroves 

 More photos in the Adventurepaddlers photo album: