Coastal Cleanup with Sea Shepherd: 13 Jun (Sat)

Get hands-on experience and help keep our shores clean. You will learn how trash is affecting marine life, as well as how Singapore manages its trash.
You will also have fun as we will be on the look out for interesting and weird finds amongst the trash!

This year, local artist, Wang Ruobing, will be giving the plastic trash collected a second life for his art installation next year, as well as raise awareness on our excessive use of plastic and its effects.
There is no age restriction but parents are to supervise their own children, especially younger ones. Anyone unwell or have medical conditions should consult their doctors first as clean-up can be physically strenuous. You are advised to drink up and hydrate as weather can be scorching. For safety, all participants have to wear covered shoes (diving booties are the best). No sandals, slippers or crocs.

Date: 13 Jun (Sat)
Time: 2.30pm to 4pm
Meeting point: Assembly Area opposite the HSBC Volunteer Hub (at the Sea Shepherd booth), map.
No charge, the activity is free!
No registration required, simply come to Sea Shepherd booth at the Assembly Area.

What happened?
Here's a glimpse ...

One of the youngest volunteers giving a helping hand!

Removal of a barrel dumped not long ago as it was not there at the clean-up during Ubin Day 2014.

As Sea Shepherd Singapore clean the shores, Adventurepaddlers pick up trash floating on the water. A concerted effort.

More photos in the Sea Shepherd Singapore facebook group album

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