Evening Wildlife Watch, a walk for kids by Cicada Tree Eco-Place: 13 Jun (Sat)

As dusk falls on Ubin, shy and secretive nocturnal wildlife start to wake up. Our slow, easy walk on level paths and roadsides may still produce surprising sightings of native wildlife such as the Musang (Palm Civet Cat), Wild Pigs, and if really, really lucky, the Pangolin (Scaly Ant-eater)!
Several species of owls live on Ubin, so we may also get to see, or at least hear, the Spotted Wood-owl, Collared Scops-owl and the Brown Hawk-owl. Using a torchlight, we should be able to spot the Large-tailed Nightjar, another native nocturnal bird. Ubin has a good diversity of snakes and hopefully in the dark we will encounter some.

Specially for kids from 5 years onward, and their families. Also suitable for the physically challenged. Single adults also welcome.

Please bring your own torchlight and batteries.

Maximum 30 persons.

Bumboats for night activities (Just for Ubin Day!) Arrangements have been made for a bumboat (or two) to be available for your travel back to the mainland. They will charge $40 per boat ($3.30 per person for 12 persons) instead of $30 per boat. With only one or two bumboats, it may take a while to transport a large group back to the mainland. Thank you for your patience!

Date: 13 Jun (Sat)
Time: 6-8pm
Meeting point: Under the Bayan Tree near the Assembly Area opposite the HSBC Volunteer Hub, map.
Website: http://www.cicadatree.org.sg/
No charge, the activity is free!

Registration is required: Registration has closed as the maximum number of people have already signed up for the walk.

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