Stargazing with the NUS Astronomical Society and Marine Parade Astronomy Club: 14 Jun (Sun)

See the true beauty of the night sky! The dark skies of Pulau Ubin has less light pollution and thus allow us to better gaze at the stars.
Using their telescopes, the NUS Astronomical Society and Marine Parade Astronomy Club (MPAstro) will point out to you popular astronomical objects visible from Singapore. Also learn about astrophotography, that is, how to photograph these astronomical objects. Gain a new appreciation for a dark sky site like Pulau Ubin!

Everyone of all ages are welcomed!

Bumboats for night activities (Just for Ubin Day!) Arrangements have been made for a bumboat (or two) to be available for your travel back to the mainland. They will charge $40 per boat ($3.30 per person for 12 persons) instead of $30 per boat. With only one or two bumboats, it may take a while to transport a large group back to the mainland. Thank you for your patience!

Date: 14 Jun (Sun)
Time: 6:30-9pm
Meeting point: The Assembly Area (opposite HSBC volunteer hub) then proceed to the observation site, map.
Websites: NUS Astronomical Society and MPAstro
No charge, the activity is free!
Registration is not required. Just turn up at the Assembly Area.

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