The Big Coastal Clean Up - Kayak Expedition by Adventurepaddlers: 13 Jun (Sat) and 14 Jun (Sun)

The Big Coastal Clean Up is a worthy event organized by Adventurepaddlers where our heartland community can contribute to the preservation of Ubin's unique charms through a kayak expedition along its enchanting shoreline.
Marine litter is an environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problem. Promoting environmental awareness, this eco trip will allow you to observe, gather and properly dispose marine waste which will otherwise cause prolong habitat destruction to our ecosystem.

Come experience the kampung spirit. What better way than to cruise down the scenic waterway into the heart of our very own Ubin Island.

(Tongs and trash bags will be provided during the event.)

Dates: 13 Jun (Sat) and 14 Jun (Sun)
Times: See registration details
Venue: Jelutong Campsite (west), map.
Cost: $25 per participant

Registration is required. Please sign up on the Adventurepaddlers facebook page events

13 Jun (Sat): 9-11am
13 Jun (Sat): 12noon-2pm
13 Jun (Sat): 3-5pm

14 Jun (Sun): 9-11am
14 Jun (Sun): 12noon-2pm

What happened?
Here's a glimpse ...

A participant found a shoe! 

Ensuring that the rubbish is tightly secured to the kayak so that they can bring it back and properly dispose it

The amount of trash at our coast

Thank you Adventurepaddlers for such a wonderful event, allowing participants to kayak along Ubin's enchanting shoreline while doing their part in contributing to the well-being of our eco-system by cleaning up our coasts! 

More photos in the Adventurepaddlers photo album

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