Talk on 'Kampong Houses in Singapore and Malaysia' by Dr Lai Chee Kien: 13 Jun (Sat)

Kampong houses are commonly found all around Southeast Asia, formerly on the main island of Singapore, and throughout peninsula Malaysia. This talk introduces the common types found in Singapore and Malaysia and the parts that make up these houses. They demonstrate how they can create a better living climate as well as make use of natural resources to create liveable spaces.

All are welcome!

About the speaker: Dr Lai Chee Kien researches on histories of art, architecture, settlements, urbanism and landscapes in Southeast Asia.  He graduated from the National University of Singapore with an M Arch. by research [1996], and then a PhD in History of Architecture & Urban Design from the University of California, Berkeley [2005]. His publications include Building Merdeka: Independence Architecture in Kuala Lumpur, 1957-1966 (2007); Cords to Histories (2013); and Through the Lens of Lee Kip Lin: Photographs of Singapore 1965-1995 (2015). He is also a registered architect in Singapore.

About Singapore Heritage Society: The Society is dedicated to the preservation, transmission and promotion of Singapore’s history, heritage and identity. Over the years, we have been involved in many projects including publishing books, organising talks and forums, and conducting heritage tours. It advances civil society viewpoints on many issues, such as the remaking of Chinatown in 1998 and the demolition of the National Library building at Stamford Road in 2001, and more recently, the historical significance and future use of the former KTM Rail Corridor and of Pulau Ubin.

Date: 13 Jun (Sat)
Time: 4-5pm
Venue: Seminar Room, HSBC Volunteer Hub, map.
No charge, the activity is free!
No pre-registration required. But the room can only seat 40 persons so please come in good time to get a seat.

What happened?
Here's a glimpse ...

"Has anyone lived in a kampong house?" 
MOS Desmond Lee (in a black Youth Corps shirt) joins in for the talk too! 
 Thank you Dr Lai for a very interesting and informative talk! 

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